Welcome to the
Historic Randall Park Neighborhood

Let the beauty of the Historic Randall Park Neighborhood become part of your day.

The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood is in the heart of Eau Claire, Wisconsin with its West borders being Half Moon Lake and 10th Avenue, Chestnut and Fulton Streets to the North, and the Chippewa River on the East and South. With over 25 buildings registered on the Local Landmark and National Register of Historic Places, this neighborhood has the largest number of historic points of interest within the city of Eau Claire. The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood values its history, its beautiful natural resources, as well as its diverse mix of residents. These residents enjoy the conveniences of shopping, dining, and entertainment all within walking distance. It is no wonder so many people call it home.

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The next meeting is on May 4, 2017, 6:30 pm at Lakeshore Elementary School.

Neighborhood Night Out, June 14th, Lakeshore Park at 6:30 pm. There will be fishing off the new pier and Kubb games (bring your own pole and set!) Free food and drinks, but bring fruit or dessert to share. Put it on your calendar and bring a neighbor or student along! See you then!